The Agency Interview
I interviewed the cutting-edge performing art group "The Agency".
THE AGENCY is a young performance group that immersively experiments with the manifestations of neoliberalism. Their performances, in which audience members are gently involved as customers or future members, revolve around subversive options of agency under the conditions of the post-digital: How are our desires, our feelings, our identities and political movements formed in the post-digital age? And how is it possible under these conditions to create counter-emotions, counter-identities, counter-movements? The artistic works take on neoliberal connotations of formats and their aesthetic strategies such as branding and corporate identity, overturn the institutionalized technologies of the self in a critically affirmative way - and struggle for a utopian potential from a queer-feminist perspective.

現代社会を鋭く批評した独自のパフォーマンスを展開するドイツを拠点とする女性4人のパフォーミングアーツ集団「The Agency」をインタビューしました。

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