LINE STORE is a digital goods storefront. It allows users to purchase LINE Coins (for use in games) and LINE Stickers from your smartphone or PC. Users without a credit card are now able to purchase digital goods using other payment methods, such as prepaid cards.
This project's goal was to renew the design of LINE STORE to create a more streamlined experience for users. Currently, I'm leading the product design and UX design.

*Launching the Redesign
*Service Planning
*UX Design
*Design & System Direction
*Product Management

During research, we discovered a few key insights: 
* 70% of LINE STORE users pay using prepaid cards
* 80% of LINE STORE users visit via searching in a browser
We also identified potential pitfalls in the existing design:
* LINE STORE's current site architecture was too complicated
* It was difficult to access menus for various items, such as stickers, themes, and so on
* The purchasing flow for prepaid cards is complex
* Action buttons such as "Login" and "Purchase" are not always present when the user needs them
As-Is UI/UX Design
Our goals for the project were as follows :
* Redesign the site architecture to be understandable at a glance
* Streamline the purchase flow for prepaid card users
* Optimize the website for SEO 

* Display personalized goods based on the user's purchase history on the homepage
To-Be UI/UX Design

After the design refresh of LINE STORE, our data showed that the visit rate and purchase rate increased by 10% over control. We designed a feature that recommended personalized goods to users based on their purchase history, and were able to further increase the purchase rate by 15%. We are now expanding the design to localized features in Taiwan and Thailand.

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